What is Ripples?

Ripples are created through small acts of kindness or simple changes in behaviour that extend outward in ways that impact others. When we create ripples, it gives us a sense of purpose and connection to our friends, families and neighbours, encouraging us to be less passively affected and more actively engaged. Over time, ripples can turn into waves, preparing millions more like you who will have to step into a caregiver role in the future.

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How Ripples works

Ripples provides caregivers with:

  • Insights into the caregiver role you and others on your care team play
  • Stories of caregivers that are on or have gone through the journey and the impact it makes on the care team
  • Guidance from professional experts such as doctors, social workers, and estate planners to help you prepare for the challenges ahead
  • Practical tools that can help the caregiving team have difficult conversations or take action
  • The ability to book a chat with an experienced Gordie Howe CARES coach that can offer personalized advice based on your situation

No one can do it alone

Ripples is a tool for the entire care team and is an exploration of the many faces and experiences of caregivers. Based on research with hundreds of caregivers, we have identified 7 different types. Each type has unique experiences, needs, questions, and ways to support. Here you will find answers to questions you have been wrestling with, informed directly by the experience of all those caregivers who have come before you.

These caregiver types aren’t black-and-white labels. Along your caregiving journey, your type might change or you might find that you fit multiple types at the same time. The types are meant as a starting point, a way to give you tools to support yourself and others, and language to describe the many ways of caregiving. It’s a way to help you create ripples of support around yourself, the person you are caring for, and the care team you are part of.

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